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No project impossible, no project too simple. Please feel free to set us a challenge.

Designing and developing your media is our sole purpose.


My Clients are important to me and keeping them informed both

on my site and through socal media is the key to a good partnership

My Clients are important to me and keeping them informed both on my site and through social media is the key to good partnerships. Over the years my work has included developing and creating materials for major comic companies, computer games, CD cases, social media accessory content, magazine / web / marketing ads both globally and virally; animations, design and print art-working - as well as occasional CAD work for motorbike parts and even a camera head for an American company! Projects include creating exhibition stands, utilising multiple media (i.e. animation and planning up constructs); developing user applications for both smart media and combining software to achieve them.

Fully conversant with: 3D Studio Max, Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign, Dreamweaver, Flash, Gif animator, Adobe Premier, After Effects. Sound Forge, Auto Cad, Microsoft Office. 

Listen to your Clients

It may sound obvious but it's the most important thing. Your client may already know what it is they want even if they can not quite describe or visualise it. Listening to them, understanding them and then guiding them through is the process that leads to a successful result.

The only way to succeed is together. This has always been the key to progress.


Two years as 2D & 3D graphic designer / developer for a high street toy manufacturer: creating and designing new product lines, work patents, animations, 3D models, adverts, concept display stand packaging, websites for designing and producing commercial sites including photography and video content.

Design and Publications Manager: in charge of print, art-working and design as well as other responsibilities such as the advertising and development of many comics across all media.
Concept Designer: responsible for many house hold appliances from grip handles to bike part, developing in all media to create visuals for products manufacture.



The sky's the limit ...or is it

I believe a good design comes from what you create but leaves you to finish the sentence.


Shock, awe and style

I have created hundreds of adverts that have been printed globally and have helped endorse many products.


Book and magazine creation

I can create your books and publications as well as setting them up for print to industry standard.

3D Creation

You think it up… I’ll build it

Finding the common ground between idea and ideal. Building your concept and presenting it to the world in multiple formats is what I do.

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Let me create something amazing for you

Be it a cover for your book or designing a piece of specialised art for a publication - leave it with me.


Bringing your ideas to life

I can take a storyboard or create something tailored for your clients.


Styling up

From concept to 3D design, packaging and letterheads: whatever you need.

Something Special

Realise your dreams

Need concept or product to be realised? Let me help you.

Let's Work Together!


A Small Glimpse.


Rauf Bayraktar
Project Managing
Discovery Channel

"Hal Laren proved to be a friendly, highly experienced and creative freelancer with the ability to turn projects around with unusual speed. I look forward to working with him again."

Grant Pearmain
Director at FBFX

"Diligent and very professional, great work. Would recommend highly."

Steven Barton
Managing Director
Tech Fax

"So easy and understanding of what I really wanted. Great skills to boot."

Global Clients!