As we get older we can find ourselves facing losses of various kinds: of work or family roles, of good health and good memory, and of loved ones.  We may also find ourselves caring for others in different ways than before.  Maybe we do not wish to talk about these things with family or friends, either because it does not feel appropriate, or because we feel we do not wish to burden them. 

It can sometimes help to be able to talk in complete confidence to someone not involved in our personal life, and who is trained to listen and to help us find our own inner resources for change or resolution. 

I am writing ‘we’ and ‘us’ because I am also over 60 and hope that I therefore bring some appropriate life experience. 

You may have had counselling before, or this may be something new.  In either case, if you have something with which you feel counselling might help, you can contact me either on the telephone or by email.  I offer an initial session free of charge.  If we decide to work together then we will both commit to a regular hourly session each week or fortnight.  I usually suggest working in six-session blocks, so that we can review whether we wish to continue at each sixth session.


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