A unique new way to play Blackjack on your iPhone. Be the dealer and deal out the cards or play against the dealer and see if you can beat the house. You can play a single player game or play against friends using bluetooth or wifi …"
Gives you the ability to peel cards with your finger tips or shuffle with a shake of your wrist as well as dealing cards out to friends as simply as if you had real cards in your hand.
  Use your mouse to move the cards in the above Sequence.  
the must have app for 2013.
Simple and easy to use hand gesture controlled
funtionality. Treat your iPhone as if it was a real
deck of cards. Shuffle , Deal and Peal.
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  Offer you the ability of fully interative cards.  
Offers Blackjack Gesturing
Shuffle Gesturing
Deal cards with a simple flick
Flip and Peel.
Hit: double tap cards
Stand: place 3 fingers on cards
Play with upto 5 people
Dealer 17 hit or stand funtions
Choose your card back
Play with multiple decks
Dealers cards visable at top
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  Home screen Icon available   In Association